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Disposable manicure set (2 files 100/180 / baf 80/180) PILO4KI

SKU: 104-7

Disposable set for manicure (artificial nails) is a completely new approach to disposable tools. First of all, this is safety, since the kit is hermetically sealed and pro-authorized before packaging. When you open this kit in front of the client, the client is sure that your tool is safe.

The set consists of:

  • 2 abrasives / files for artificial nails
  • buff


  • individually packaged set
  • pre-sanitized
  • high quality materials are used
  • abrasive contains water repellent surface

Ease of use: We have already taken care of everything, purchased quality material, selected universal size and & nbsp; abrasive products, & nbsp; packed it beautifully and reliably, pre-disinfected so that you can please yourself and your client with a safe and perfect manicure. To do this, you just need to break the set, stick the abrasive on a metal base for natural nails (sold separately), make a manicure, and dispose of it after the procedure, according to the instructions on the package.

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Short description Disposable files are glued on both sides of the metal base have different abrasiveness, which helps to first remove the old coating, and then polish and shape the nail. A one-piece buff, ready to work immediately after unpacking the set. The kit consists of:

abrasive / file (100 grit)
abrasive / file (180 grit)
buff unilateral on plastic base (80/180 грит)
Комплектация files 100/180 / baf 80/180
Country of origin Ukraine
Размер файла 18х3х1,7 cm
Размер бафа 6,5х1,5 cm
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