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по популярности сначала дешевле по названию

PODOPHARM is a young progressive innovative brand of professional cosmetics for manicure, pedicure and SPA

Unique and modern formulas, technologies and ingredients distinguish Podopharm from the total mass of cosmetics, which has already been awarded more than 20 awards at international exhibitions. Podopharm specialists have created their own ingredients that are used for the first time in the world

Safety is one of the main principles of creating drugs, so many of them are suitable for people with diabetes, they can be used for children over 6 pet. Unlike many traditional brands, Podopharm cosmetics do not use aggressive or harmful ingredients, including triclosan

Natural Foundation cosmetics - rule #1 for Podopharm. The color of the drug always corresponds to the color of the main active ingredient, and for giving unusual colors, for example, bath salts, only food dyes are used. The main suppliers of raw materials and ingredients for drugs: Switzerland, Germany and France

Effectiveness - drugs contain the maximum allowable amount of active substance, necessarily patented in Europe, strictly observing the requirements for safety and naturalness

Fragrance! All preparations for SPA procedures are developed together with French flavorists-specialists in mixing various oils and extracts, so their smells are incredibly captivating and unique.

The technology of manufacturing a softening spray, the formula of which includes an antiseptic, has received worldwide recognition and a patent.

For the first time in the world practice of podology, the disinfectant cream with octanidine contains 22 active ingredients for maximum effectiveness!